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Welcoming a " new breed" of grandmas!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, January 20, 2006--Today's grandma doesn't just bake brownies, knit socks, and wait for the kids to visit. Instead she's a teacher, nanny, best friend and more, and she's got a brand new name to go along with her new identity---Mom Mom.
This bright new breed of grandma has never before been represented in literature--until now, with Dr. Orman and Charles Hickman's deliciously sprightly picture book, The Mom Mom Book. Not only will children learn to appreciate the growing roles their Mom Moms play in their lives, but the rolling rhymes and bright illustrations in the book can help focus children's growing attention spans and encourage their understanding of letter grouping, which is critical in early stages of development.

Written primarily for children six months to five years old, The Mom Mom Book is guaranteed to delight children and Mom Moms of all ages.
For more information, please contact the author at Books are available to order at,and, also through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide. Books can also be ordered online through Dale G. Orman Ed.D
To purchase hardcover copies of the Mom Mom book please contact Booksurge Publishing at 866-308-6235 ext. 5120.

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